About InvestrPro

Every investor want to know the return on investment. Give him the calculations he deserves and create a long term relationship with your investor.

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Generate qualified leads on your website

The calculation tool for every real estate professional that informs your customers and generates high qualified leads.

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Calculate a whole investment file in 5 seconds

A detailed investment file customised to your website visitor. All relevant information – yields, break even point, cashflow, … in one overview.

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Give professional advice towards your investor

The investment rapport gives added value to your potential investors. The better you inform, the better decision they can make.

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Become a better salesman trough knowledge and transparency

Knowledge is power. Every potential investor asks for advice and your professional opinion why he should buy your property. Your advice is for many investors of decisive importance.

The statistics


Our website receives more than one million visitors every year.


We have already welcomed more than 300 real estate offices as clients.


More than 1000 brokers using the investment tool.


InvestrPro is currently active in 4 countries.